Using Apple keyboards inside Windows environment (XP, Vista x86, Vista x64, Windows Seven x86, Windows 7 x64)

3 07 2009
apple keyboard mb110ll

apple keyboard mb110ll

Today I’ll show you an interest way to use the amazing Apple keyboards along with pcs. In the Apple’s official website, there is no warranty about the use of apple peripherals on PCs. In my researches, and based on the USB HID protocol, I’ve decided to give a bet and just bought an wired apple keyboard. With solid aluminum case and separated low-profile keys, its just amazing to type on it.

The good news: It works out of the box with Windows XP, Vista x86 and Vista x64. And I bet it works well with Linux too! It’s just a matter of plugging and waiting until windows’ device manager recognizes it as “Apple keyboard” or in my case, “generic keyboard”.And you can just start typing as I am doing right now!

When you first look at the keyboard, you might realize that there are some keys missing! The useful “printscreen” or “insert”, and “scrolllock”are missing. This is due to apple’s own manners to ask for those “shortcuts”. But there’s an easy workaround to fix it.  You may also realize that there are some new keys that doesn’t exist in the default pc keyboard. And we’ll just use an workaround to map the missing keys onto these extra keys.

To do this, first download Key Tweak from After it, you may install the program, and run it. It’s very easy to use. To remap a key, click on Half teach mode, then click on Scan a Single Key and press the key you want to be replaced (other key will be “activated” when you press this key). After that, the program will show the equivalent Scan code. In the destination Key, you can choose the destination key, that will be activated every time the key is pressed. After that, click on Remap, then apply. You must restart the PC so the changes can take effect.

keytweak printscreen

keytweak print screen

In my case, I mapped “printscreen” into F14 and mapped “insert” into F13. There’s no limit! You can map the media controls (Pause/Play, forward, last song, volume up and down, mute) and much more! In this way, you can use almos any keyboard, and even use an old keyboard, mapping the broken keys into good ones.And you can also map keys that you accidentally press to other places where they might not disturb you.

Hope you’ll enjoy that!